Dehydration and alcohol addiction

The thirst, amounting to painful, invariably accompanies the alcoholic drink. Sense of dry mucous membranes and severe thirst indirectly point to the second degree of dehydration in which the body loses up to 5% of its own weight. For person with an average weight of 70 kilograms the fluid deficit to 3 liters, can significantly affects all the processes of life and cause alcohol damage.

In the person with alcohol addiction. The body begins to absorb alcohol as soon as it gets inside. To do this, your needs water to dilute the toxins, so it uses water from the other parts of your body. Since alcohol is diuretic, water faster out of your body and the liver begins to collect waster from other organs including the brain, which naturally makes you feel like a fish on land.

Alcohol dehydrates the body and dehydration causes the weakness, exaggerated feeling of hunger, and reduces the normal muscle cells viability and other alcohol damages. The human body constantly feels the need in water. It loses water through the lungs when we breathe. It loses water with the daily urine and stool. The color of urine is a good indicator...

Disease caused by dehydration dehydration leads to violations of all food functions, its synthesis and delivery of substances, in accordance with the specific functions of the authority for waste disposal. When the body is only beginning to be subjected...

Dehydration can be defined as "the body excessive loss of water". Diseases of the gastrointestinal tart may lead to dehydration. A large loss of fluid can be dangerous for life. Most people beloved that the dehydration is not their problem. They believe, that with dehydration can faced travelers In the desert, when his water is finished. However, there is a chronic form of dehydration.

Excessive loss of fluid through the intestines can occur when bacteria or viruses affect the gut, forcing the intestines to produce more fluid. Reduced admission fluid can be caused by nausea or loss of appetite. Alcohol symptoms of dehydration in teen's alcohol addicts. When dehydrated skin become grayish color, mucous membranes become dry; significantly reduced the development and Provision of urine, while crying there are no tears; large fontanel sink, the child begins breathes frequently. The treatment for this is alcohol detoxification which decreases alcohol level in blood.

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